Negotiating property settlements without legal intervention is rare, particularly with the minutiae that contributes to division of belongings and liable assets post-separation. This looks after dividing assets for separating marriage or de facto couples. As your divorce lawyers, we are the best choice for navigating the troublesome red-tape and pitfalls that often manifest with property settlements. Our lawyers know first and foremost how emotionally distraught the whole separation process is. O’Sullivan aims to make the process easier for you, keeping you protected for your future.

We have a team of expert lawyers dedicated to promising satisfactory outcomes for all our clients. We make sure that the divide is equitable, with the property settlement assessed through a variety of factors such as contribution. At O’Sullivan Legal, we are committed to providing our clients with the most satisfactory end result for their case. With our help, we can guarantee a smooth and fair-minded division of assets for both parties.

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