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We can help you determine your eligibility for a divorce, prepare paperwork, and serve notices to the other party on your behalf. Our goal is to simplify a complex process so you can get out of the marriage as quickly as possible and move on with your life.

Family legal solicitors


Children are often the innocent victims caught in the crossfire of their parent’s split. We aim to help you reach an arrangement with your ex that is fair and protects the best interests of the child or children, no matter what that looks like. You have a right to a relationship with your child, and we will help you fight for it.

Legal services for homes


The division of marital assets is one of the most difficult processes after children are considered, and our team is here to help you effectively navigate it. We can assist you in determining the true value of your assets and advise you on what you should and shouldn’t fight for during negotiations with your ex-spouse.

Solicitors for any family matters


Our criminal law department is highly experienced in representing clients across a broad spectrum of matters ranging from minor to serious in nature. We will protect your rights and advise you on the best path forward at every stage, from the initial police interview, to courtroom hearing and everything in-between. You are not alone.


Parenting Law

The paramount consideration is the best interests of the child.

To determine what is in a child’s best interests we turn to section 60CC of the Family Law Act and weigh and assess the factors listed there which include.

Property & Finances

Following separation when it comes to dividing up the family assets – the home, super, furniture, cars, the boat, shares, investment properties, etc.. clients describe the process to us in terms like ‘confusing’, ‘a hideous process’ and ‘daunting’.

Divorce Lawyer Sydney

Being a result-driven and reputed law firm in Sydney, We have a huge number of authorized and experienced Divorce lawyers in Sydney.

Family Law for Dads

It can be heart breaking. It can be very challenging. It can be straightforward. In all cases, having a lawyer who will stand up and fight for your rights is vitally important.

Family Law For Mums

Family law for mums is often a period of high anxiety and stress. The worry of where the children will live, who will get what property, who will pay for what, can all appear daunting.

Child Custody Lawyer Sydney

Following on from a divorce or relationship breakdown, the social science research indicates that it is very important to try and ensure the financial needs of a child are met and this can be achieved by putting a suitable arrangement in place.

Gay and Lesbian Divorce Lawyers

A same-sex marriage encounters all the same difficulties as a heterosexual one and a same-sex divorce lawyer at O’Sullivan Legal is ready to help you resolve your disputes the same way we have done for hundreds of traditional marriages.


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