Parenting Plans are voluntary and not technically legally binding in the same manner that Parenting Orders are. They are a voluntary agreement that covers the day-to-day responsibilities of a child’s(children’s) daily life. While not legally enforceable, it is looked at favourably by courts as it entails an amicable agreement has been reached between separated parents with the best interests of the child as the focal.

If both parental figures have signed the parenting plan, it can be changed at anytime with the proviso that both parties on the parenting plans agree to the updated terms. Furthermore, if both parties agree and have signed their respective parenting plans, they can apply to the court to have it set as court order.

Parenting Plans can include aspects such as:

Whom the child spends time with (scheduled days etc.)
Acceptable communicative channels with members of the family.
Any additional event/movement arrangement requirements (birthdays, holidays etc.)
Any relevant extenuating visitation agreements (Grandparents, extended family etc.)

We’re suitable for the mediation and discussion stages of your parenting plans and can further assist with any amendments and/or submission and application for court orders.

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