If there are relevant parental orders from internationally recognised jurisdictions, then there may be cause for applying or alerting local government authorities of the minutiae of relevant orders/information. If parenting from afar under certain court orders, there could be parameters or obligations that should be considered which we are able to determine with you and assist with understanding and assuring legalities.

A list of countries/jurisdictions that have applicable leeway for order enforceability in Australia can be found in The Family Law Regulations 1984 (Schedule 1A). If you are moving from one of the applied regions you may be able to ensure an established court order from that region is applicable here.

Often cited as a complex process, the understanding and sustaining of international parenting orders in Australia can be daunting. As your family lawyers in Sydney, O’Sullivan Legal has the capacity to advise and represent you in legal matters from registration of relevant orders, or to argue unjust ones in court if necessary.

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