Advice For Parents

As family lawyers in Sydney, we provide our experience as advisors in matters relating to parenting rights and obligations under current legislation. We listen to your concerns and advise the optimal route forward.

Representation For Dads

Being family lawyers in Sydney, we understand the stress and worry that accrues in cases of parental rights, separation, and asset settlements for Dads. Many believe there is an accusatory bias against Fathers in these situations. We will listen to your concerns; we will represent and support you in the best way possible to ensure you are not misrepresented or mistreated in the eyes of the law.

Representation For Mums

Comprehensive representation for Mums in all matters of legal necessity from settlement disputes, separation rights, legal rights, violence orders, and advisory requirements. We can liaise with other parties on your behalf and represent your interests in court to ensure a result that is sufficient.

We make things easy, efficient and worry-free.
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