Criminal Defence Lawyer Sydney

No matter whatever you are facing, we, at O’Sullivan Legal, always stand behind to you in order to provide protection for all your legal rights by filing a strong case in your behalf.

O’Sullivan Legal prides itself to have a team of dedicated and devoted professionals that fight hard for your rights protection. Whether the authorities have treated you harshly, you have convicted wrongly or you believe that the court has made the wrong decision; our experienced professionals provide appropriate solutions to make a right decision.

It is not just for those one who charged for a crime to hire a criminal defense lawyer, you can also get lawyer to appeal about your previous conviction or sentences. We, O’Sullivan Legal, also help you if you are looking to appeal about traffic matters, parole board proceedings, license suspension appeals, crime commission proceedings and coronial inquests.

criminal law firms sydney

Criminal Law Firms Sydney

Our clients can get advices in numerous important decisions from us because we have successfully created regular principles about full serious criminal charges scale. Under this scale, it includes charges such as corporate fraud, murder, kidnapping, major drug importation, sexual assault, distribution and money laundering. Apart from this, we also offer efficient defense advices regarding cases of assault and drink driving.

If you have a serious matter with the NSW Police, then some key points to remember are:

*The Crown bears the onus of proof of guilt for each of the charges you might have been charged with.

*This burden rests with the Crown and it does not move to you.

*There is no obligation whatsoever on you to prove any fact or issue in dispute.

*You do not have to prove your innocence.

*It is for the Crown to prove your guilt.

*If you decide to give evidence, you do not have to prove that your version of events is true. In such a case, the Crown must satisfy the trier of fact that the version of events given in the defence case should not be accepted as a version of events that could reasonably be true.

*The Crown must prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

*If there is any reasonable possibility that you are not guilty, then you must be acquitted.

*However, the Crown does not have the burden of proving beyond reasonable doubt every single fact that arises from the evidence that is in dispute. Rather, the Crown’s obligation is to prove each element of each charge beyond reasonable doubt.

*If you give evidence the Crown must satisfy the trier of fact beyond reasonable doubt that that version ought to be rejected as a reasonably possible version of the facts.

*If the evidence you produce to the trier of fact leaves a reasonable doubt as to whether the Crown has made out its case in respect of any element of any offence, then a verdict of “not guilty” is required in respect of that offence or those offences.

*If the trier of fact decides that there is a reasonable possibility that the version presented by the defence is true, then the Crown will have failed in its obligation to persuade the trier of fact of guilt beyond reasonable doubt, on that charge.

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