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The criminal justice system only works when everyone’s rights are protected, including the accused. We are committed to protecting you from overzealous policing and other entities that seek to exploit your ignorance of criminal law.

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Our experienced criminal lawyers here are passionate advocates for their clients, and this will be no different with your case, no matter what the charges against you are. We are a no-nonsense firm of leading criminal lawyers that are focused on what is provable and nothing else.

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A large part of success in criminal law comes down to a lawyer’s ability to cite past courtroom decisions as evidence in support of their argument. At O’Sullivan Legal, our experienced criminal defence lawyers always carry out the most complete research possible when preparing a case for trial.

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Sometimes one of the best roles a criminal lawyer can play is as a trusted ally of their client as they go through what is likely the most difficult period of their life so far. Facing police scrutiny or criminal charge is scary for anyone, but with O’Sullivan Legal behind you – you never have to feel like giving up.

We’ll BE witht you Step by Step through the Entire Legal Process

Unbiased professionals

At O’Sullivan Legal, we are unbiased experts leading in criminal law who have no judgements or biases as lawyers. That means, at every stage of working with us, you can expect full professionalism and courtesy

Strategic planning

We take strategy very seriously, as having a concrete plan is essential if you want to provide an organised and concise defence. We will sit down with you and plan a strategy for criminal defence law in the weeks and months ahead so that you are never in the dark about what happens next.

Help you with police matters

If you are facing your first criminal offence, facing police scrutiny and intimidation can be scary and even cause you to say something that incriminates you. The police will try to pressure you into admitting guilt any way they can – we are able to supervise police interviews and educate you on your rights.

Excellent listeners

Being a good lawyer isn’t just about advocating, it’s also about listening. This is why we always take the time to let you tell your side of the story with no hesitation – you have full confidentiality with us.

Effective argumentation

Our best criminal lawyers are highly skilled rhetoricians who know that the way they produce information is just as important as what said information is. They know how to lead a courtroom, question witnesses, and build a robust argument for your defence.

Help with Negotiations with the Police

Many criminal cases end with a plea deal, where the district court or police offer you a lesser punishment if you plead guilty, saving the time and expense of a trial. In these negotiations, we are able to stand by you and ensure you are able to leverage the best possible arrangement.

In-depth research

When you work with our solicitors, they will perform in-depth legal research on past cases similar to yours so that they can cite past decisions to other jury trials either to aid in achieving acquittal or help you get a reduced sentence.

Punctual and Organised

After you engage a solicitor from O’Sullivan Legal, you never have to worry about them arriving late for meetings or failing to return your calls. We are always punctual and attentive to all our clients.

Compassion and Understanding

While you aren’t hiring us to be your therapist, it doesn’t mean we are totally cold-blooded (despite the classic lawyer jokes you may have heard). We are your ally during this process, and that means supporting to every step of the way.

Protection of Your Legal Rights

No matter what you are facing, at O’Sullivan Legal, we always stand behind you so that you are given the protection of all your legal rights by filing a solid case on your behalf.

Our team prides itself on being dedicated and devoted professionals that fight hard for the protection of your rights. Whether the authorities have treated you harshly, you have been convicted wrongly, or you believe that the supreme court itself has made the wrong decision. Our experienced professionals provide appropriate solutions to make the right decision.

It is not just for those one who are charged with a crime who need to hire a criminal defence lawyer, you can also get a lawyer to appeal your previous conviction or sentence. We can also help you if you are looking to appeal about traffic matters, criminal offences, parole board proceedings, license suspension appeals, crime commission proceedings, and coronial inquests.

Our clients can get advice on numerous important decisions from us because we have successfully created regular principles about the full serious criminal charges scale. Under this scale, it includes charges such as serious corporate crime, fraud, murder, kidnapping, significant drug importation, sexual assault, distribution and money laundering. Apart from this, we also offer efficient defence advice regarding cases of assault and drink driving.

Key Points to Remember

If you have a serious matter with the NSW Police, then some key points to remember are:

  • The Crown bears the onus of proof of guilt for each of the charges you might have been charged with.
  • This burden rests with the Crown, and it does not move to you.
  • There is no obligation whatsoever on you to prove any fact or issue in dispute.
  • You do not have to prove your innocence.
  • It is for the Crown to prove your guilt.
  • If you decide to give evidence, you do not have to prove that your version of events is true. In such a case, the Crown must satisfy the trier of fact that the version of events given in the defence case should not be accepted as a version of events that could reasonably be true.
  • The Crown must prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt.
  • If there is any reasonable possibility that you are not guilty, then you must be acquitted.
  • However, the Crown does not have the burden of proving beyond reasonable doubt every single fact that arises from the evidence that is in dispute. Rather, the Crown’s obligation is to prove each element of each charge beyond reasonable doubt.
  • If you give evidence, the Crown must satisfy the trier of fact beyond reasonable doubt that that version ought to be rejected as a reasonably possible version of the facts.
  • If the evidence you produce to the trier of fact leaves a reasonable doubt as to whether the Crown has made out its case in respect of any element of any offence, then a verdict of “not guilty” is required in respect of that offence or those offences.
  • If the trier of fact decides that there is a reasonable possibility that the version presented by the defence is true, then the Crown will have failed in its obligation to persuade the trier of fact of guilt beyond reasonable doubt, on that charge.

How Our Sydney Criminal Lawyers Can Help You With Your Legal Matter

At O’Sullivan Legal, our primary mission is to protect your rights and ensure that you are treated fairly throughout the entire legal process. Our team of experts are highly skilled in conducting thorough research and developing effective strategies to build a strong defence on your behalf.

We are not just your representatives in court; we are also here to support you in dealing with police matters and negotiations. Our lawyers will inform you of your rights and make sure you are fully prepared for every step of the legal proceedings.

Our services are comprehensive. Whether you are dealing with serious criminal charges or minor traffic offences, O’Sullivan Legal has the expertise and experience necessary to advocate for you. We take pride in our meticulous preparation and our commitment to leaving no detail unexamined.
What sets us apart is not only our legal proficiency but also our genuine care for our clients. We understand that facing criminal charges can be incredibly stressful, and we are committed to supporting you with compassion and understanding.

Importantly, we hold the prosecution to the highest standard of proof. Our legal system requires that guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, and we ensure that this principle is upheld in your case.

Get Effective Legal Representation for the Best Outcome Possible

O’Sullivan Legal is based in Sydney, and our deep familiarity with the local legal landscape allows us to provide you with the best possible representation.

In choosing O’Sullivan Legal, you are choosing a combination of legal excellence and compassionate support. Don’t face the legal system alone; let us stand with you.

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