Divorce is already a challenging situation, without losing your precious children as well. Custody agreements (and court orders) in Australia overwhelmingly give mothers primary care of the children, and many fathers are lucky to have every second weekend with their children.

At O’Sullivan Legal, we work tirelessly towards helping fathers receive custody, or at least a higher level of custody than normally expected.

Our lawyers assist and advocate for fathers in navigating child custody challenges and seeking equitable arrangements, particularly in situations involving parental relocations and limited custodial times.

The following article highlights the difficulties Australian fathers often face in securing fair child custody.

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The Disparity in Custody Agreements

While the law in theory advocates for the best interests of the children by ensuring significant relationships with both parents, the reality often paints a different picture. Fathers typically find themselves restricted to spending every other weekend with their children, while mothers assume the primary caretaking role. But is this allocation of time always fair and in the best interest of the child? Not necessarily, especially considering the social and extracurricular commitments of older children during weekends.

Hurdling Through Relocation Scenarios

When mothers who are the usual primary care takers, choose or need to relocate for reasons such as work, fathers find themselves with an additional set of challenges. The father can acquire a court order to stop the relocation, and if the mother still tries to move, most countries have laws and procedures in place to deal with the dispute and an Australian court may be called upon to make a decision.

If the move is required, then the court may decide that it is in the best interests of the children for permanent relocation to occur and live with the mother full time, leaving the father to see them during school holidays. The father, on the other hand, usually has an awfully limiting chance of taking the children with them if a move is required – the only hope would be for the mother to agree.

O’Sullivan Legal: Your Ally in the Custody Battle

In a world of legal complexities and emotional turbulence, O’Sullivan Legal emerges as a steadfast support for fathers feeling sidelined by the system.

We’re not just lawyers; we are fathers, sons, and individuals who understand the emotional weight carried by a parent fighting for time with their child.

We are here to help fathers get in contact with a legal ally who will sail alongside them, fighting for a fair custody arrangement, and ensuring that the precious moments with their children are not lost in legal battles.


Child custody issues are never a straight path, especially for fathers who may feel at a disadvantage due to conventional legal practices.

But remember, in the fight for your child’s time and love, you are not alone.

O’Sullivan Legal is here to guide, support, and advocate for you, ensuring that the tides legal battles do not take away your invaluable time and relationship with your children.

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