Child Support Lawyers

Child Support Lawyers
Are you experiencing struggle fighting for your child’s support or the custody of your child? O’Sullivan Legal provides quality legal advice and options to help you during this difficult time.

Child support and child custody rights have long been some of the most difficult issues that parents have struggled with within the family court. When a relationship breaks down or a divorce has occurred, a couple will often focus on only their own rights and a financial separation. They also believe that no matter what they are the best carer for their children and this can create a heated conflict.

When initially consulted, the best course of action is to refer the couple to counselling or a form of mediation. If a couple is capable of reaching a decision together, or an agreement that doesn’t require further action, it will save all parties money, time and stress. This is also in the best interest of the children involved as well as it diminishes the emotional cost with struggling in legal contention.

If an agreement cannot be achieved between both parties, a much stronger legal action is required by filing an Application for Family Court. O’Sullivan Legal will then begin its legal procedures by planning with you through our consultations. Our professional child support lawyers will work to analyse the most beneficial options for you as well as the most desirable path to take. You can trust the legal expertise and experience we have to resolve your legal dispute.

Parenting Arrangements

Whether it’s for child custody rights for fathers in NSW or the living arrangements of the children, our child support lawyers have the ability and experience to plan and discover the best method to reaching a solution. We work hard to ensure the solution is best for both you and your child.

Child Support

When the children of a relationship live primarily with one particular parent, the other will typically pay child support. Child support can be a fairly difficult area to navigate. Usually, mothers will be the primary caretaker for the children. This would result in the father paying child support. Our lawyers understand this particular situation and we can provide sound legal advice for child custody rights for fathers in NSW.

O’Sullivan Legal can assist you in any issues in regards to child support.

We aim to remove the stress and worry originating from the dispute and make the process as a whole as smooth as possible. We are here to help any time, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.

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