When it comes to child support there are so many important pieces of information that you need to know. If you just want to understand the basics, you have come to the right place. However, if you need more detailed information you should speak to lawyers for child support.

What is child support?

Child support is the financial support (usually money) that one parent is legally required to pay the other solely for the benefit of the child. This only occurs with the parents no longer live together and the child spends more time with one particular parent.

Supporting and caring for a child will cost money. So if the child lives and spends more time with one parent, the other parent may be required to pay child support. This is the case even if the parents have never been married or lived together. The Child Support Agency (CSA) looks after majority of the Australian child support laws.

Assessment of child support

The CSA will sometimes make a child support assessment and this will define the amount of child support one parent has to pay the other. The CSA typically uses a standardised formula to calculate the amount of child support. This usually includes components such as; the income of both parents, amount of time each parent will care for the child, the number of children effected and if there were any children from previous relationships.

Self-managed child support

It isn’t always necessary to involve the CSA in your arrangements. If both parents agree with a given amount of child support and how it is paid, then you can use a Child Support Agreement Kit to assist you.

Collection and Payment

If you are self-managing your child support, the payment will usually be of a private nature. If child support is made private, it is recommended that the parents keep records of the payments made just in case there are any issues in the future.

If your child support is through the CSA, the agency will typically collect the child support payments themselves. They will forward the payment from one parent to another. The agency will also investigate any incorrect or overdue payments.


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