Divorce may well be the toughest emotional test of your life, there’s no question about it. It can be agonising, shocking and exhausting, possibly even more so when kids are involved.

Although legal proceedings can add yet another element of strain to your life when you’re already facing the psychological toll of a divorce, there are numerous family lawyers in Sydney, like O’Sullivan Legal who are eager to help make the legal side of things as efficient and stress-free as possible.

Although it will inevitably take time and there’s no quick fix to the emotional rollercoaster you’re experiencing, there are strategies and perspectives to consider that you may find helpful to carry you through the heartbreak.

Let People Help

As easy as it might be to bottle it up, it is so important to share your emotions with those closest to you. Surround yourself with positive, supportive people and let it all out.

It might be confronting, exposing or embarrassing to share with your close family and friends and much more tempting to talk through with someone you’re never going to see again. But, genuine support from a trusted friend is worth a thousand times more than awkward sympathy from a stranger that you don’t really know.

If talking through it is really not for you, or if you’re just not ready for that stage, try keeping a personal diary. It’s better out than in no matter what the method is, so make an effort to give yourself an avenue to vent in some form.

Time is Key

You’ve probably heard a thousand times over that it will get better with time and you’re probably sick of hearing that as everyone’s profound piece of advice, but time is an incredible thing. While it doesn’t have the ability to rid you of any emotional attachment to the situation, as convenient as that would be, it truthfully does ease the pain.

It takes time to handle the formal requirements of a divorce, as well as the personal implications. However, the experienced O’Sullivan Legal family lawyers in Sydney offer services designed to quickly settle the situation and remove as much legal stress as possible, allowing you to focus on yourself and the future.

Don’t Blame Yourself

Don’t beat yourself up about it. If the marriage wasn’t right for either party, it’s actually a good thing it didn’t drag on. Try to recognise that you’re now able to move on to better things that feel right for everyone.

A divorce may be a long time coming, or it may be unexpected and sudden, but no small issues or argument causes it and no one aspect could have stopped it. So, stop poring over the last few months and be kind to yourself. Acknowledge that it’s happened and you can’t change the past, so put your energy into the future.

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If you instigated the divorce, try not to let yourself feel guilty. You should be proud of yourself for following your gut if the marriage wasn’t working. Staying in a relationship for fear of breaking up is the worst motivator and being able to recognise and act on that is courageous and respectable.

Focus on the Future

Acceptance might be one of the hardest tasks to accomplish, but once you get there you’ll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. Of course, divorce will push you out of your comfort zone, what used to be normal everyday life will be different now. However, change can be crucial and there will be exciting things to come in the future, believe it or not.

Organise special things in the near future to give yourself something to look forward to. Although you might be in a world of hurt right now, making little plans that take your mind off things and make you excited can be extremely beneficial.

It won’t be easy and there’s no point saying that it will, but divorce happens and life goes on. The legal implications of a divorce can be easily handled by your choice of one of our family lawyers in Sydney, to minimise the pressure and hassle that falls on you. That way, you’re able to focus on you and how to best move on from the previous chapter of your life.