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Apprehended Violence Orders

Courts make these orders to ensure the safety and protection of individuals from violence, including intimidation, harassment and stalking. The court’s jurisdiction arises from the Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Act 2007 NSW.

  • A court may make an apprehended domestic violence order if it is satisfied on the balance of probabilities that a person who has or has had a domestic relationship with another person has reasonable grounds to fear and in fact fears:
  • The commission by the defendant of a personal violence offence against the person in need of protection; or
  • The engagement by the defendant in intimidating conduct directed at the person in need of protection; or
  • Stalking of the person in need of protection by the defendant,
  • Where the defendant’s conduct in the opinion of the court is sufficient to warrant the making of the order.

It is important to note that conduct may be found to be intimidating event though:

  • It does not involve actual or threatened violence to the person in need of protection; or
  • It consists only of actual or threatened damage to property belonging to, in the possession of, or used by the person in need of protection.
  • Orders can and are often made for the protection of children.
  • Orders can also be made in favour of persons who experience violence outside a domestic relationship. This is a personal protection order and can be prosecuted by an individual in their own name.
  • Under the Family Law Act, the Family Court of Australia has jurisdiction also to make orders for personal protection, including again, in some circumstances orders for the protection of children.
  • Orders can be made on an ex-parte, interim and final basis.
  • Orders can be entered into on a without admissions basis and by consent.


Breach of AVO

When making an apprehended violence order, the court may impose such prohibitions or restrictions on the behaviour of the defendant as appear necessary or desirable to the court to ensure the safety and protection of the person in need of protection.


A breach of AVO can result in serious consequences.

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