The practice of family law gives rise to a myriad of legal issues that in most cases it is to your advantage to have a suitably qualified and professional top family lawyer in Sydney representing you.

In parenting matters, there will be questions about whom a child lives with, who has parental responsibility, where a child will go to school, where they will live, and so on. In considering these factual issues, regard is had to the best interests of the subject child as the paramount consideration. This is a legislative mandate as set out in Section 60C of the Family Law Act. Having a knowledgeable and experienced top family lawyer to guide you is critical.

In financial matters, there will be questions about a just and equitable property settlement, spousal maintenance and child support which will need to be tackled. Having at the tiller guiding you should be an experienced and professional top family lawyer. The interplay between these issues and in most cases with the best interests of the subject child or children are critically important matters of consideration demanding and it is to your direct advantage to have the best family lawyers advocating for you.

At O’Sullivan Legal, in order to assist our clients, the first step is the intake interview with the Principal of the practice, Mr Ben O’Sullivan.

At that initial consultation, instructions are taken pertaining to the bespoke factual circumstances of your matter. Initial advice will be provided, and alternative dispute resolution steps laid out. An indication of the cost will be provided and Mr O’Sullivan will provide an outline of how the practice will work together with you.

Our team of family lawyers in Sydney will support you through these very difficult circumstances that you find yourself in.

O’Sullivan Legal has developed a reputation for being a top family law firm in Sydney as can that be objectively considered by having regard to the following matters:

1. Client reviews recording the satisfactory experience that person has had with O’Sullivan Legal.

2. A professional reputation for being efficient.
3. New client referrals from former clients.

4. A reputation for receiving matters that have been before the courts and managed by other family lawyers for a number of years and upon the engagement of O’Sullivan Legal, a change in direction drives the matter forward to a cost-efficient, expedient and satisfactory resolution for the client.

5. A reputation for having regard for the bespoke personal circumstances of each client.

To assist in your initial consultation with Mr O’Sullivan, it is recommended that you come to the meeting with some idea of what it is that you would like to achieve from it. Having relevant background material such as court documents, a balance sheet, a spreadsheet of financial assets, copies of current market appraisals for parcels of real estate which are held by the family: copies of school reports, copies of relevant medical reports, details of your child’s sporting and extra-curricular activities and so on, are likely to assist us in guiding you in the most efficient way. Such preparation will also enable us to move your matter to the next step in an expedient and cost-efficient manner.

A very important consideration is to have regard for the client/solicitor privilege. That is important as we reflect upon the reality that the Family Court is not a place of moral approbation. As part of the human condition, people will find themselves in circumstances where they have not necessarily lived the best version of themselves prior to and at about the time of separation. It is important to be candid and honest in providing instructions so that the best advice can be given. The Family Court is a court of law but it is also a place of social therapeutic work. Many people at the breakdown of their marriage/relationship will at some point have a Damascus moment and will reflect upon poor behaviours and choices that they have made which eventuates in the embarkment on a personal journey of meaningful change which enables that person to go on and live a fulsome and gainful life where they can be the best version of themselves when parenting their children.

If you have a family law enquiry, please feel free to reach out and contact our New Client Manager who is available to assist in progressing your enquiry.