Rights For Grandparents

Assistance and representation for Grandparents to have legal rights of communication and visitation. Separation or breakdown of familial normality has ripples throughout the extended family, oftentimes relationships with grandparents on either side are severely impactful. Family lawyers in Sydney like us can argue in cases where the best interests of the child are not being met through unfair denial of interaction.

Under the current legislation, children do have the right to communicate with/spend time with parent and other people of great importance – this includes grandparents and extended family. Parenting orders can be implemented for Grandparents who are successful in their claim, this order can subsequently entail a child to live, visit, and/or communicate with a Grandparent.

We can assist in the parental order application process and any additional representation requirements of the legal proceedings for Grandparents. We’re also able to assist with mediation/dispute resolution potentialities that could circumvent the need for parental orders to be implemented or applied for.

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