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We specialise in criminal law matters, including armed robbery issues.

Under the law a person who, being armed with an offensive weapon, or instrument, or being in company with another person –  robs or assaults any person, or steals any chattel, money, or valuable security from the person of another, with intent to rob, self-evidently is committing a very serious crime.

The crime of armed robbery involves:

  • An intent to steal.
  • Some degree of threat or force putting the person in fear.
  • Taking from the person.
  • The alleged offender being armed with an offensive weapon or instrument or was in company.
  • The crime of robbery becomes more serious when it is aggravated. Circumstances of aggravation under the Crimes Act 1900 NSW, means circumstances that (immediately before, or at the time of, or immediately after the robbery, assault or larceny) involve any one of the following:
  • The alleged offender uses physical violence (such as the deliberate infliction of pain) on any person,
  • The alleged offender intentionally or recklessly inflicts actual bodily harm on any person,
  • The alleged offender deprives any person of his or her liberty.
  • The alleged offender was armed with a dangerous weapon.

Have you, or do you know someone who has been charged with armed robbery? The penalties if convicted, can be very serious. If so, then he or she needs to find a law firm that offers excellent legal services at a reasonable rate. Fighting for your rights and resolving legal disputes requires time, money and effort. So, when it comes to resolving legal disputes, you must find the right legal firm to help you.


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