4 Reasons Why Law Firms Need SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a growing industry, designed to help businesses by improving their ranking in search engines (mainly Google). The core premise is simple – create an attractive, informative, easy to navigate website – but the techniques themselves take years of experience to master. Here are 4 reasons why law firms, in particular, can benefit from hiring an SEO consultant:

  1. Being Easy to Find Leads to more Business
    Nowadays people turn to Google to find whatever they need – from florists to plumbers – and lawyers are no exception. A good SEO consultant will make it far easier for potential clients to find your firm, which will in turn lead to more business.

    Law firms typically (and hopefully) can’t rely on steady, repeat customers, unless you represent some very shady characters. This means that you need to attract new clients, and the best way to do that is to be easy to find over the internet. One of the best way to improve your online marketing is to find law firm SEO services – one of the best examples is SEO Shark – an Australian SEO agency.

    Apart from improving your SEO the only way to make yourself appear earlier is to pay Google, and have your website appear alongside a notice that it is a paid advertisement. Having a website that pops up early in the organic searches makes you appear far more genuine and reliable to the general public.

  2. The Industry Competition
    Law is a very competitive industry at the moment, with Google searches for lawyers – particularly in criminal or family law – bringing up literally millions of results, even when confined to just Sydney. You can click through to page 10 of the search results and still come across new pages for law firms.

    With this much competition, firms that have SEO experts on their side have the edge simply because it is easy for clients to find them. Nobody is going to go past the first page of a Google search when that page is already full of law firms that can provide the service they are looking for.

  3. Knowledge Counts
    A criminal trial will go better for the defendant if they get a criminal lawyer than if they defend themselves. In the same way, a website that has had input from an SEO expert will be better and easier to find than one that has not. A strong understanding of how SEO works and which techniques are most effective are essential in pushing a website to the front page of Google search rankings.
  4. Access to Better Design Software
    SEO consultants make a living out of designing and maintaining websites, so naturally they will have the best tools available. Whether it’s web design software that would not be economical to purchase for a single website or better image modification tools, SEO experts will have better software than somebody trying to run their own site will.

In the modern world, a good website is essential to running a successful business, and this is especially true for a company such as a law firm, who usually can’t rely on regular repeat customers. The best way to achieve this is to hire a good SEO consultant, who should be able to improve search rankings and generate more business for the firm in a matter of months. Read more at: www.seoshark.com.au

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