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Who Are We?

At O’Sullivan Legal we are a law firm based in Sydney that also makes daily trips to Melbourne so we can serve the large amount of clients we maintain in both cities. Our mission is to provide our legal expertise to as many Australians as we can and that is why we have made such an effort to serve both jurisdictions.

Areas Of Law We Can Assists You In

At O’Sullivan Legal we are primarily focused on the legal areas of Family Law and Criminal Law. Our expertise covers a range of issues pertaining to disputes, offences, appeals, commercial law and litigation.

Family Law

Issues in this area of law are complicated and have high stakes for everyone involved. Decisions made in this regard have a high impact on the future of an individuals’ relationship with their children and the future of their finances.

We can provide you with a family lawyer in Melbourne who acknowledges the sensitivity of clients regarding these issues. They offer a careful, considerate and strategic plan to tackle the problem. The issues we can help our clients with include:

  • Parenting Law
  • Property and Finances
  • Child Custody
  • Divorce

We provide comprehensive and effective advice to both mothers and fathers regarding these issues. Our legal experts take an unbiased approach that aims to secure a just result for our clients.

This also means that we are dedicated to working towards a fair outcome for any children as well. We know the huge toll that these issues can have on the healthy development of children and are determined to minimise this impact wherever possible.

This area of law is difficult for anyone who ends up having to deal with it and our team is committed to making the process as hassle free as possible.

Criminal Law

When someone is charged with an offence it is an incredibly stressful and delicate situation for them to go through. Issues such as a person’s freedom and their future employment prospects are all on the line at this point. For this reason it makes sense that nobody facing charges would want to take any chances when it comes to legal representation.

The expert team at O’Sullivan Legal are experienced with this area of law and can provide you with a criminal lawyer in Melbourne. We understand the varying seriousness of these issues and can represent our clients in a variety of matters including:

  • Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO’s)
  • Armed Robbery
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Murder And Manslaughter
  • Criminal Records

If you have a matter with the Police then it is critically important to seek legal representation. Our team understands the severity of the issue and are prepared to plan a legal strategy to help you.

We are experienced in defending clients in court as well as advising on sentencing and appeals. Our solicitors realise the incredible amount of trust their clients put into them to help secure a fair outcome and are determined to succeed.

With this area of law having so many serious consequences for defendants we are eager to make sure that the effect on our client’s lives is either completely avoided or mitigated as much as possible.

The Benefits Of Hiring An Experienced Lawyer

It is so important for anyone that is going to tackle a legal issue to make sure they have acquired adequate representation. This means hiring a solicitor who understands the nature of the law and how to win cases for clients.

The overall benefit of a solicitor is determined by their expertise in the relevant field of law and their experience in securing fair outcomes for their past clients. A solicitor may know a lot about the facts of an area of law but may not necessarily have the tactical skillset to win on behalf of their clients.

If a good solicitor has been hired then the benefits will become immediately apparent. The solicitor will be genuinely interested in hearing about the facts of the case from their clients and will be able to sympathise with their situation.

This is useful because it allows clients to build a trusting report with their solicitor which can only help for the outcome of the case. When a client and their solicitor have a good working relationship the chances of success are drastically increased.

A good solicitor will also be able to provide accurate and useful counsel throughout the duration of the case. They can formulate a sound strategy depending on the information available to them and inform their clients on what is achievable.

The solicitor will be able to handle any paperwork and legal bureaucracy on behalf of their clients. This means making sure that all relevant paperwork is filled out and accounted for when it matters. This also includes serving legal documentation to other parties or their solicitors.

This solicitor will not only offer strategic advice and representation but general support as well. Clients should be able to rely on their solicitor to be an understanding friend to them who will provide a judgement free and supportive environment.

The benefits of hiring an experienced solicitor are more than just increasing the likelihood of winning a case but providing the support and resources to aid clients in every step of the legal process.

Why Choose O’Sullivan Legal?

At O’Sullivan Legal we understand what makes a successful solicitor and have applied this knowledge to every part of our practise. We know that expertise equals results and results equal further business.

Our success is indicative of the experience of our solicitors, especially as we deal in the serious matters of criminal and family law. We are a client focused firm that acknowledges that understanding our client is the first step in successfully representing them.

Our solicitors are reliable and affordable. This can be seen in the testimonials of our past clients who are completely satisfied with the service they received. There are few feelings more wonderful than enjoying the sincere gratitude of someone who has won a legal battle and that is a feeling we actively pursue.

We provide a family lawyer in Melbourne who is passionate about defending their client’s legal rights and securing a fair outcome. Their combination of legal expertise and tactics is what allows them to maintain the reputation they enjoy today.

Our experienced criminal lawyer in Melbourne is a master at defending the interests of their clients and securing acquittal wherever possible. Our solicitors believe that nobody should be wrongfully accused and that everyone should be able to adequately defend their rights in court.

O’Sullivan Legal prides itself on the positive impact our services have on people’s lives. We believe nobody should settle for less than adequate legal representation. Our business owes its success to the huge amount of clients who have relied on us to help them secure fair legal outcomes for them.

Our solicitors are passionate advocates for their clients with excellent written and verbal communication skills. They are also tactically minded, being able to see a path to success within a short time of gathering all the facts.

Our team is well studied and experienced for providing legal representation to their clients. For these reasons O’Sullivan legal is an excellent choice for anyone who wants an experienced and affordable solicitor.

Some Important Facts About Family Law

This area of law is complex at the best of times and requires careful preparation by those seeking a favourable outcome. There are a range of different considerations a court will take into account when determining issues of property settlement, divorce, child custody and parenting arrangements.

These considerations are often more nuanced than many people believe and require expert legal representation in order to satisfy them in court. In regards to each issue, the considerations are quite varied.


It is important to note that the legal meaning of divorce is substantially different to the legal meaning of separation despite many people conflating the two.  It is often that people are separated but still technically married.

This is because a marriage is considered still legally binding until divorce papers are finalised. This process is deliberately drawn out by the court system so as to allow time for couples to reconcile their differences.

Separation simply means that relations have broken down and the couple is no longer in what is considered to be a genuine relationship. It is possible for a couple to be separated but still be living in the same residence.

Property Settlement

Contrary to popular belief, a couple does not need to be divorced to begin negotiations on property settlement. As soon as a couple is separated and there is no chance of reconciliation then they should seek legal advice on a negotiated settlement.

A property settlement only goes to court if an agreement cannot be reached in negotiations between the two parties. At this point the court will make orders on the redistribution of assets based on a number of factors.

These factors are designed to take into consideration the amount of finances and time put into the relationship by each person. The court also considers the current and future earning potential of each person and how the lifestyles of any children will be maintained.

Financial settlements are rarely an even split because it is unlikely that the amount of finances put into the relationship were equal. A common example is that when a mother sacrifices her career to begin child rearing she will need to be compensated should the relationship break down.

Child Custody And Parenting Arrangements

Child custody means the designation of which parent is responsible for the continued nurturing and welfare of the child or children present in a relationship.  It is possible for both parents to receive custody and this is known as “joint custody”.

A joint custody does not necessarily mean that the children will spend equal time with each parent. This is especially true the younger the children are as a stable home environment is considered necessary for their healthy development.

The extent to which a child’s opinion regarding parenting arrangements is considered depends very much on their age. Many parents overestimate the weight a child’s decision has and will attempt to influence what they say.

It is for this very reason that the opinions of young children do not hold much weight in determining the outcome. Courts are very suspicious of parents attempting to manipulate the decisions of their children and are very good at sniffing it out.

If a child is older, particularly around the ages of 15, 16 and up, their decision is given much more weight. At this point the court considers the child mature enough to make a thoughtful choice and it is hard to force them to spend time with a parent they don’t want to spend time with.

There is common but incorrect belief that mothers are favoured by the court system in terms of child custody. This only appears to be true because mothers do often receive more time with children, especially the younger those children are.

This is because pre-separation the children were often already spending the majority of their time with the mother while the father was at work. When a court considers the healthy development of children they will take this factor into account.

An explanation of these facts is necessary because many of them cover some common misconceptions people have regarding this area of the law. Being equipped with the most accurate information possible is a crucial factor in preparing and winning a case.

When it comes to finding a family lawyer in Melbourne or criminal lawyer in Melbourne then you should consider O’Sullivan Legal. We enjoy what we do and use this to enhance the effectiveness of the service we provide across the board.

Our clients always realise they are in good hands shortly after their first phone call with us. Don’t take a chance with your legal representation. Give us a call today and enjoy peace of mind.

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